Smart Under Cabinet Lighting Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant


Operate the power or brightness by handwave

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I am remodeling my kitchen and wanted to add some colorful, smart lighting under the cabinets. These are just what I wanted. They work great and where easy to install and set up. I am able to use my phone and google to control them. Would buy again.

Thomas M. Stark

The unit was very easy to install, had all the parts, and I think probably a 12-year-old could install this product. It hooked up to my Alexa very easily and I love the idea that I can change the colors with my voice! I would definitely buy this again instead of spending Hundreds of dollars and hiring an electrician. Kudos to the inventor!


Worked great. I have the Hayward housing and another brands bulb was too long. This one fit perfectly and allowed me to actually close the housing. Lights are nice and bright and the colors are cool. Great purchase, I will buy the matching pool light as well.


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