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测试 masdmasm a sadas
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#review Okay now, let me continue the review so I can post more photos! I need to remember next time to post the second review first, then the beginning part last so that it appears in the correct order in the forum. @GOVEE As I mentioned before, I already have the original Govee ground lights. So I placed one of the strands right next to the original ones and spaced the lights out in the same spots (because the second version of these lights are more widely spaced apart than the Allure original ones). I use the same color at the same brightness level, 45%. In this case. The first photo is the original one lit up ,and the second is the one I'm testing now. Much brighter for sure!
Below, is a comparison of my walkway with no ground lights on versus these new ones. It sure makes a difference at night.
With Valentine's Day coming up, I of course had to have the ground lights match my permanent outdoor lights. I love how the new ground lights reflect in the rain covered walkway.
Here are some videos and photos I took of the setup so far. While installing these, I realize that it is fine for me to add more bark chips to my yard so that they are level with the sidewalk. Then the glow of the lights on the walkway will be much better.

Excellent review! This makes me really excited to put these up! yyyy!!!


Excellent review! This makes me really excited to put these up!


Thank you very much Renee i think you’ll love it! 😊