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Introducing the "Govee Mystic"
Jan 24, 2024 03:16 pm
CC: @GOVEE @⭐Studio 98⭐ @0nlyag0v33us3r @Blade II @Sucre 🥰 @□■ SHOWCASE ○● by J.W. @Spen_ @🚒-ℝ𝔾𝔹-🌈 @t0nkys @🇳🇱Guus-Dupon🇳🇱 Friends, I've got an invention to share that's really something special. Where to start? This idea has been on my mind forever, always there but never quite making it to the top of my project list. Then, one day, browsing one of my favourite online retailers, I stumbled upon a component crucial for this invention... and it was a bargain! The idea had been lingering in my mind for so long, yet I had no clear vision of the final product. It reminded me of the Govee Rainbow Mask project; I had a concept, but the end result was a mystery until it materialized. The journey involved experimenting with several prototypes, exploring different light sources and methods but nothing seemed quite right. A major challenge was integrating the lights and power source into the design. You know how it is with Govee Inventions – I think, "This will just take a few hours," but it never does. I always optimistically expect things to be straightforward, but this invention really put up a fight. The concept started as "A rainbow in a jar", but it evolved differently as I worked on it. I'm certain I'll revisit that original idea in the future, but for now, this version is what emerged. It was a journey of discovery and learning, with plenty of divine nudges guiding me along a different path than initially planned. The process was full of surprises and unique challenges, but incredibly fun and fulfilling. I'm excited to share the video below, demonstrating how each invention sets a new standard for the next.
Awesome Rainbow Lights
Jan 25, 2024 07:40 am #4
Hah! Thanks for saying what you did! I came across your message the other day and I was remembering it when I was trying to think of something fun to say... It was certainly nice to see it again and to be able to share! 😜👍
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