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Let's Enjoy the Summer with Signal Pro 2 Pool Lights System
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The scorching summer is upon us, it's time to spruce up your swimming pool. Have you thought of how to decorate your pool? To usher in this summer, we invite you to join our pool carnival, where you can bask in the radiance of our SignalPro 2 pool lights.

Join us in the pool carnival.

1.Share your stunning swimming pool, especially when illuminated by lights at night

2. What kind of lights do you typically use to decorate your pool? Discuss what your ideal swimming pool light should look like, and also roast about the inconveniences of swimming pool lights (note, please don't mention the supplier's brand)

3.Share your experience in installing, operating, and usingLAMPAOUS  SignalPro2 pool lights.

Exciting prizes await you.

First prize: 2 Winners

Get a complete set of SignalPro 2 for free (one large pool light, one small pool light, and one control system) 

Second prize: 3 Winners

A shopping voucher worth $99 can be exchanged for equivalent official website pool light products.

Third prize: 5 Winners:

Present a LAMPAUS desktop desk lamp as a gift..