Under Cabinet Lights
Smart Under Cabinet Lighting
Under Cabinet Lights Alexa
Under Cabinet Lights
Smart Under Cabinet Lighting
Under Cabinet Lights Alexa

Smart Under Cabinet Lighting Work with Alexa 1-Bar Kit 12" BarSmart RGBCW (Black)

Smart LED Lights Bar, White & Color Ambiance, App Control, Remote Control, Works with Alexa, Google

  • White & Color Ambiance. 2700-6500K adjustable color temperature, over 15 million multi color.
  • App & Remote  Control: Operate the lamp through the remote control or App. This includes adjusting color temperature, changing color, adjusting brightness, selecting scene modes, and setting a timer switch.
  • Third Party Control: Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant . Operate your lights system by voice.
  • Flexible Installation: With a plug and play design concept, the complete set of lighting fixtures does not require professional electrician installation. Fix thelights bar in the appropriate position and connect it to the power supply to use. The lights bar can be fixed with screws or double-sided tape, and can also be placed on configured brackets. Multiple lights can be connected directly or through extension cables.
  • Multi-purpose task lighting: Applicable to a variety of task lighting, such as cabinets, wardrobes, display cabinets, bookshelves, wine cabinets, antique cabinets, and desktops. It can also serve as background lighting for televisions, sofas, computers, and bedside lamps, among others. It typically creates a perfect ambiance.
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BarSmart RGBCW 12" 1-Bar Kit

What's included:

  •  12 Inch Lights RGBCW BarSmart Lights Bar  1X
  •  120VAC input 12VDC 1000mA output Transformer 1X
  •  BarSmart RGBCW Control Box
  •  Remote Control
  •  Bracket (black) 2X
  •  Installation Kit

Extension Cord is not included. If you need extra extension cord please purchase it from our online store.


Wattage:  4 Watt

Voltage: 120VAC for transformer , 12VDC for light bar

Color: 2700K-6500K adjustable white  +15 million multi color

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