9" FixtureSmart RGBCW Hardwired Under Cabinet Lights

9" FixtureSmart RGBCW Hardwired Under Cabinet Lights

Hardwired Under Cabinet Lights Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, 9Watt 800 lumens

  • Color: White and color ambiance, both for lighting or mood . White color temperature 2700-6500K adjustable, high CRI, flicker free.
  • Easy installation: this undercounter lights is designed both for hardwired or plug in.
  • Voice Control:Use voice command to control the lights power, dimming the brightness or changing color, work with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant or Smart Things.
  • App Control: Customize personal lighting scenes, schedule time to turn on or off the lights, synch the color with music by Smart phone App
  • Linkable and expandable: Link the smart lighting fixtures by connector or extension cord, control the lights separately or group by voice or App

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9" FixtureSmart Under Cabinet Lights

  • Wattage: 9W
  • Voltage: 120 Volt
  • Luminous Flux: 800lm
  • Color:Adjustable CCT 2700-6500K +15 Million multi color
  • Compatible Devices: Alexa, Google.
  • Control Solutions: Voice activated, App, Remote Control
  • Connection Type: Hardwired or Plug in
  • Linkable up to 400 Watt

Talk to FixtureSmart

Use your voice to control FixtureSmart through Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Alexa, Turn on the Kitchen Lights

Alexa, Dim the Kitchen Lights to 50%

Alexa, Set the Kitchen Light to Blue

Alexa , Set the Kitchen Lights to Warm White

App Control

Control FixtureSmart anywhere by Smart Life App through  internet even you are abroad.  Customize your personal light scene with yoru favorite color, color temperature and brightness. Schedule the timing, turn on or off the lights by timer.

FixtureSmart will give you more than expected.

Play with FixtureSmart

Sync FixtureSmart with music, the color show changes with music rhythm. FixtureSmart works as a stages light for family party in seconds. Enjoy your happy time with FixtureSmart

Keep Your Family Lights in Sync

Sync FixtureSmart with LAMPAOUS Smart Lights family  members.  Keep all your home lights system in sync

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Step 1. Down load Smart Life App

Download the App by search" Smart Life" in your mobile App store or scan the QR code below

                                              (Fig. 1)

Step 2 . Register/ Log in/ Forgot Password 

If you do not have an App account you may choose to register  or login by text message authentication. The register process is described on this page and the next.

1. Click "Create account" to go to the Smart Living privacy policy page. Click Agree to proceed to the mobile phone number registration page.

2 The system will identify automatically the country/region you are in, or you may choose to  select manually a country /region. Enter your mobile phone number or email and click"Next" as show in the Fig.2.

Fig 2

3. Enter the authentication code you received. Then enter the password and click "OK' to complete registration. (Fig 3)

Link FixtureSmart to Smart Life App

Step 1.Please allow your smartphone to use WiFi and Bluetooth permission. (Figure1)

Step 2.Turn ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON of the switch on FixtureSmart and the white lights flicker

Step 3. Clik Add Device or the + icon on the top right corner (Figure2)

Step 4.  Once the devices detected by App Click Add (Figure 3)

Step  5 Click +Icon  to add the device and wait for some seconds

Step  6. Click done once the processing finished


Q:My FixtureSmart is blinking

A:  The system is under reset mode. Please pair the FixtureSmart Lights with Smart Life App.

Q:  The remote do not work

A: Please pair the FixtureSmart Lights with Smart Life App. The remote can not control the lights if the lights is under reset mode.

Q: I can not link  FixtureSmart to Smart Life App.

A:  Please check your router, FixtureSmart work with 2.4 G router only, If you router is 5G please switch it to 2.4 G. 

Q:  I can not discover FixtureSmart Device on Smart Life App

A: Allow your smart phone to use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth permission, set FixtureSmart lights in reset mode( fast blinking ). If your lights is not blinking , please turn on_off_on_off_on in short time and wait for several seconds.

Q: Will these work with a 2-wire connection that has no ground wire and it controlled by a lights switch?

A: Yes, forgot the the ground wire of FixtureSmart (yellow & green wire)