CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000
CabiSmart RGBCW 3000

CabiSmart RGBCW 3000

Color Ambiance and White Smart Under Cabinet  Lights, Work with Amazon Alexa, Echo ,Google.3 Lights Bar Kit

  • Compatible With Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: Voice control by Amazon Alexa, Echo , Echo dot, Google Assistant, You can turn on /off the lights or select the color dimming the brightness by voice 
  • Rich Color: RGBCW design, RGB colored with separate warm white and cool white LED, both for mood and lighting purpose. The white color is not mixed color by red, green and blue. It's made up by high rendering index (Ra>85) super bright white LEDs , Color temperature from 2700K to 6500K adjustable and brightness from 0 to 1000 lumens by voice or App. 
  • App Control: Manage you home light system by smart phone anywhere even you are abroad. Progam your home lights brightness, color , color temperature in individual or group. 
  • Easy installation: mounted by adhesive tape or screw and clips. Strip Lights bar dimension:L 12" W 1.5", Need more extension cord, please order it by ASIN,B08MQ5VNV1 . For missing Accesories, please contact the seller for free replacement 
  • Widely Application: Can be used as kitchen lighting , under counter lights , under bed lights TV back lights, pantry lights ect. Need extra accessories or replacement spare parts please contact the seller. 
Price: Regular price $49.99 Save $-49.99


Item Name: White & Colored Smart Cabinet Lights

Mode No: CabiSmart RGBCW 3000

Voltage:  120Volt for transformer, 12Volt DC for Control Box and Light Strips

Color:  White & Colored over 16 millon colors


Luminous Flux : 1000 lumens

Talk to CabiSmart RGBCW

Link CabiSmart RGBCW to your smart devices and control the lights by Amazon Alexa, Echo,  Echo dot , Google assistant . Talk to your lights like this

Alexa, Turn on the kitchen lights

Alexa, Set the bedroom lights to warm white

Alexa, Set the Kicthen  lights to 50%

Link CabiSmart RGBCW to your Smart phone App. Discover the best lights scene to match the mood.Manager your home lighting sysytem any time , anywhere even you  are abroad.

Play with CabiSmart RGBCW

CabiSmart RGBCW is not only a lights for lighting or decoration but also a light for party . Take out your smart phone and run the lights under music mode.Play music or sing a song, the lights will synch with the sound.

CabiSmart RGBCW 3000

Color Ambiance & White Smart Under Cabinet Lights




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