Pool Light Bulb 120 Volt 35 Watt Multi Color
Pool Light Bulb 120 Volt 35 Watt Multi Color
Pool Light Bulb 120 Volt 35 Watt Multi Color
Pool Light Bulb 120 Volt 35 Watt Multi Color

Pool Light Bulb 120 Volt 35 Watt Multi Color

Model No: PL-M12-35, 7 Solid Color 5 Color Show, Single Bulb E26 Socket for Inground Pool 

  • Color and Color Show: 7 solid color and 5 color show,7 Solid color can be frozed from the 5 rainbow color show by power switch or CPL-120 control kit
  • Control Solution: Support power switch or LAMPAOUS CPL-120 control kit. Freeze solid color, choice color show ,synchronize multi P series pool or spa lights bulb, set default color program.
  • Operation: Freeze color from color show, turn off when the color displaying ,turn on with in 1 seconds. Choosing  color show, turn off and turn on 1-2 seonds, Synchronize multi bulbs, turn off and turn on 4-6 seconds. Color recall, turn off and turn on again after 8 seconds,
  • Advanced design: Built in fan as cooling system, excellent thermal treatment design to cooling the lighting and control system. Special LED diffuser,  produce prue and soft light output for the mixed color though the light diffuser.
  • Compatibility: Replacement pool bulb for inground poo lighting fixture, compatible with Hayward Astroite TMSP058 Series, Jacuzzi Full Moon, Pentair Amerilite 784 Series, and Sta-Rite SwimQuip  Series 0508.
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Item Name: P series 12 Volt Inground Multi Color Pool Bulb

Model No: PL-M12-35

Wattage: 35 Watt

Voltage: 12 Volt AC 

Color : RGB Multi Color

Socket: E26 Eidson Screw

Dimension: Dia 6.7" Height 5.5"

Control Solution: CPL-120 or Power Switch (controller kit is not included in this package)

Advanced Cooling System

The PL-M120-35 inground pool lights bulb with a built-in fan as a cooling system. The average temperature will be 20-30 centigrade lower than the pool bulbs without cooling system. For LED bulbs lower temperature means longer life span and lower luminous decay.

Excellent Optical Diffuser

LAMPAOUS P series pool bulb with an optical diffuser to  deal the mixed light output. All multi color LED  made up by three basic  color red, green and blue, A good light device should including an optical diffuser, which can produce pure and soft mixed color.

How various color produced by our P series pool bulb diffuser?

Red = Red

Green= Green


Red+ Green=Yellow




5 Color Show

 5 color show made up by different color and color changing speed

Mellow Wave, a two minute color sequence of the seven solid colors holding for eight seconds on each before blending to the next.

Rapid Wave, a fast change between seven solid colors in half second intervals.

Long Wave, a very slow cross-fade seven solid colors sequence holding for ten minutes before blending to the next

Anthem Wave, a red white and blue themed blend that lasts three seconds before blending to the next

Ocean Wave, simulating the transitional colors of the oceans waters from green to blue

Mutiple Control Solution

We have 2 different control solution for all P series Pool and Spa lights bulbs. Both solution are 100% reliable and almost  no distance limitation.    Users can use power switch, breaker  or LAMPAOUS CPL-120 remote control kit to operate the P series pool lighting system.  CPL-120 remote control kit is highly recommended, as that will makes the work  simple.  Here are main functions of the P series pool & spa lighting and control system.
Choose color show
freeze solid color from color show
synchroize multi bulbs
Color recall
More detail information about operation please  visit the FAQ below both for text or video.

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How to select the color show by breaker?
When the lights bulb is changing color , turn off the bulb and turn on it again with in 1-2 seconds, the light show will change from one to another
How to freeze solid color from color show by breaker?
When your favorite color displayin, turn off and turn on the bulb within 1second, the color will be frozen. If you don't like the solid color turn off and turn on the bulb within 1 second to back to the color show
How to synch multi bulbs?
Connect all P serier pool or spa bulbs to the same power switch/breaker, turn off and turn on it again within 4-5 seconds. If all bulbs red color flciker 3 times means they were synchorized, if not repeat it again until all bulbs flicker.
How to keep the last color setting
If you want to keep the last color setting , make sure the next turn on is 10 seconds after the last turn off. In another word, turn off the bulb and turn on it 10 seconds later , the last setting will stored.

My bulb stuck on one color and do not change.

Please turn off and turn on within 1 second.If still stuck on one color please turn off  for 10minutes and turn off , turn on within 1 second.

My lights is flickering and some color missing and very weak

The problem caused by water, yourwas bulb damaged by water.