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S2 Series 12Volt Bulb Remote Control Kit

S2 Series 12Volt Pool & Spa  Lights Control Kit Compatible with S2-12-35 / S2-12-15

Plug and Play: Super easy to install and operation, plug the control kit anywhere of your home power. Control your pool and spa lights free

Wide Range: 100 meters over water by remote and unlimited distance under water 

Reliable:  Choose the color and color show directly by control panel or remote control,100% response, 100% synchrozation

Work with LAMPAOUS S2 Series 12Volt S2-12-35 Pool bulb and S2-12-15 Spa Bulb

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C2-12/R2 Control Kit

Item Name: S2 Series Inground Pool Bulb Controller Kit

Model No. C2-12/R2

Voltage: 12Volt

Battery : 23A

Compatible Bulb: S2-12-35 Pool Bulb, S2-12-15 Spa bulb

Control Range: 300ft above water and unlimited under water


C2-12/R2 Control system is a revolution of pool lights control solution. We sloved several control problems for in-ground pool or spa bulbs.

  • Control range: For a under water lights the remote controller range may be a great big headache. It's big chanllenge for wireless signal transmitted underwater. And C2-12/R2 sloved this problem completely, as we transmitted the underwater signal by wired frequency not radio. 
  • Plug & Play:  Plug the control box to the same  12Volt power of the S2 12Volt Bulbs and control the pool lights directly

How C2-12/R2 Works

Wire + Wireless Singal transmission

Inorder to avoid lack of control range for wirless signal transmission underwater , we give up wireless and chose wired solution. The remote control (R2) transmit singal to the Carrier Device (C2-12) ,and the valid range is  30-50ft above water. Then the carrier device convert the wireless signal to different frequency and delivery it to the lights bulbs by cable underwater. The S2 series 12Volt pool  or spa bulbs will response the carrier device immediately and no distance limitation.

Easy Operation

Plug and play, super easy to operate the control system. plug the control kit to the same 12Volt power system of the S2 12Volt bulbs, you can control the pool or spa lights in your yard very simple. Chose the solid color or color show, adjust the color changing speed directly, do not need to cycle the color sequency one by one, but chose it direcly by control panel or remote. With this control kit you also can one key to synch multi bulbs and recall the last color setting.

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How to connect the C2-12/R2 control kit with the S2 series pool & spa lights?

The connection is very simple, just plug the  C2-12 to the same 12Volt power of the S2 pool bulbs.

Is there any distance limitation between the  lights bulb and carrier device?

No, but make sure the carrier device and lights bulb should worked in the same power meter.

How to pair the remote controller (R2) with the carrier device (C2-120)?

Before you use the remote controller to control the light bulb, you need to pairing it with the carrier device:

Step1. Turn on the carrier device

Step 2. Press the On/Off key on the remote control with in 3 seonds and repeat the operation until you hear Beep from the carrier device

How to synch multi bulbs by C2-12/R2 Control kit?

plug the C2-120 to the same power net as the S2-12-35 or S2-12-15, turn on the power and press any key on the C2-12 to synch the bulbs worked under this power net

What kind of Pool bulb C2-12/R2 work with?

C2-12/R2  just work with LAMPAOUS S2 Series 12Volt bulb. S2-12-35 Pool bulb and S2-12-15 Spa bulb, this control kit do not work with other LAMPAOUS Pool or Spa bulbs

How to recall the last color setting

Do not cut  off the C2-12 power, the last color setting will restored in the C2-12/R2 control system. Once turn on the system the last color setting will display. 

My remote control do not work

Please pairing it with the carrier device again

The remote control without battery

We did not include the battery inside the package, users need to buy the battery themself, the battery type is 23A

My bulb flicker and some color do not work

Please check your light fixture, the water may leaked in the light bulb